Friday, April 21, 2006

Thar she blows!

Oh wow, just don't ask about the title of this post. XD It's getting on midnight and I'm just beginning to lose the ability to type and think coherently, and yet here I am, posting this!

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Here they are, the slightly mismatched, two-yarn socks that look much more complicated than they actually were. I got the inspiration from the cover of the March catalog from Knit Picks, and headed over to the trusty local yarn shop to poke around and talk to Stephanie, the awesome owner. I ended up with some nice dark blue wool and a big-ass skein of some funky self-patterning yarn, plus two skeins of a denim-colored cotton yarn to make some socks for my mom. So much for making the stash smaller!

I seem to have a consistent problem with sock toe decreases. This time, I forgot to do the decreases on the second needle while making the first sock, and didn't notice until I'd already grafted the toe stitches together. Thusly, I was forced to make the same mistake on the second sock, because there's no way I'll pop a perfectly good seam and unravel an entire sock toe if the thing fits just fine, which it does.

Anyhow, I'm happy with the way that they came out, plus they're quite warm, which is good this time of year when the weather is completely unpredictable. Next project: socks for Mom!

(I'm still working on the baby/toddler blanket, mostly while watching DVDs of House, MD. I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures of it, but I promise there will be at least one at some point!)

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