Friday, August 17, 2007

Time is Not On My Side

The second Clessidra sock is coming along--slowly.

Why is that, you ask? Well, unlike Harry Potter, which can be read without too much emotional investment and generally doesn't elicit huge amounts of squeeing at the turn of every page (for me, anyway), Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series is quite another matter.

After a brief, post-HP rendezvous with one of my favorite Terry Pratchett novels, The Fifth Elephant, I immersed myself in an impatiently-purchased copy of Meyer's latest, Eclipse. And that, ladies and gents, was that for the evening knitting time. The draw of Edward Cullen, alas, surpasses the draw of merino/silk yarn turning from skeins to cables. It is a testament to Meyer's writing and storytelling abilities that a fictional character is able to achieve that.

Now, though, I'm done with the book (*sniffle*), and am taking a short break from the literary world to give the story time to settle in my brain, so my companion while I do my usual evening computer geekery and RPing is once again a Clessidra sock.

But I have a small problem. The startitis is starting to set in again.

My projects this summer have been, mainly, the Clessidra socks and the Red Sweater of Doom. Both have cables, which I like (or, in the case of the Sweater of Doom, can force myself to tolerate), but that means that both are fairly complex and require more of my attention than a plain vanilla sock pattern or easy sweater pattern would. My knitting energy has been greatly reduced by the amount of time needed for both of the projects, and I'm yearning for something new and exciting.

So I've been thinking that I'll treat myself to some Koigu next week when my mom and I venture to VT. It's already been established that we'll be visiting Kaleidoscope Yarns. (You may remember them from this Knitting Pirates post.) It's an incredible shop, and they stock a heck of a lot of Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill, both wonderfully wonderful sock yarns that I don't normally buy because of the price. However, vacation is vacation, and it's only so often that a knitter on a small budget gets to visit such a groovy out-of-town shop.

Once I decided on getting the Koigu, I started thinking about what to knit with it. It had to be a good pair of socks, one worthy of the amount of money out of my meager monthly salary that I'm going to be doling out for the yarn. This couldn't be your run-of-the-mill sock pattern that I make every time I get a ball of self-striping superwash.

No, it couldn't be plain. It had to be...the Pomatomus socks.

After how much time and energy I've already put into Clessidra, I must, must be insane to attempt these. I have a feeling that there will be much growling and ripping out of rows. I hope there won't be, but...

It has a chart.

I am insane.

Mood: tiredish
Music: They Might Be Giants - Withered Hope