Friday, April 24, 2009

More stitches, less introspection

In the spring, a knitter's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of lace. (Unless you're me, whose knitting mind is nearly always fixated on socks, but as I often tell people, I pride myself on being a freak of nature.)

Needless to say, the Print O' the Wave stole is done! (Yarn used: Maple Creek Farm Merino in colorway "Tucan Sam".)

I took it on a quick jaunt yesterday, but as it's not yet quite warm enough here to be going without a coat, it only saw a little time in public.

I really am excited to have it done. I just never know what face to make in "modeling my own FOs" pictures.

Next up, Cookie A.'s Stricken. (It was going to be the Sourwood Mitts from knitty, but for once in my life, my insanely tight knitting did not conspire along with the weight of the yarn to help me get gauge. I may be forced to pop down to the LYS later and get something that will work better...)

In other news, I've realized that, in reading other knitblogs, I've sort of "gotten to know" people via the bits of their daily lives they care to share with the blogsphere at large. And I've realized that I don't really blog a lot about myself here. That used to be because I was rather active over on LiveJournal and babbled about everything there, so once I was done with that, all that was left over was the knitting talk. But LJ has since lost its charm for me, for whatever reason, and that leaves this blog as my "main" blog, so to speak.

I'm not one to go divulging my deepest, darkest secrets to the internet (as if I even have any, lol), but I'm wondering if it might be time to start talking about myself at least a little, outside of the bits of my life that involve yarn.

This ought to make a tentative start, at least:

A more recent picture of my dear Zivah Faraday, who is growing quickly and amassing enough fur that my fingers tend to disappear in it when I pick her up. She has also, thank goodness, started to learn that biting me does not make her food appear faster, nor does it make holding her any easier for either of us. In other words, she's growing up!

(Also, that orange stuff is bell pepper. She adores it even more than hay, which she sucks down like it's going out of style.)

That's all for now. I know I say it all the time, but--I'll try to post a little more often in future. This month-between-posts stuff is insane!

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