Friday, June 16, 2006

Another late update (are we seeing a pattern here?)

I didn't realize how busy I was this week until I looked back and realized that today is the only day that I haven't gone out of the house. Of course, I took my knitting with me most of the time, but I still haven't made much progress.

This past week and a half has been more about ripping stuff out than it has making progess. The lovely "crazy sock" turned out to have suffered from a severe case of me trying to do knitting math with the TV on, and had to be ripped out. I haven't cast it back on yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I'm starting to go a little nuts with nothing to do while waiting for the sub sandwiches post-shopping on Thursdays.

I realized that I had to approach the bag differently because I'm not working from a pattern and don't want to run out of yarn before I'm finished. So I unravelled that, too, and started it again from the bottom instead of the top.

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In more uplifting knitting news...THE BLANKET IS DONE!

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This was it, the very last end! I was so excited that I stopped and took a picture.

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And there it is! It's now on its way to the local chapter of Project Linus, where I hope it will warm and comfort a child for a long time.

My latest undertaking, which has already caused me much grief, is this:

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It's KnitPicks' Rona Lace Shawl, and the picture on the pattern is absolutely beautiful. But, as this is my first shot at lace, I keep screwing up and have had to rip it out at least six times already. The furthest I got was round 35, at which point I realized that trying to knit during acoustic music open mics and shows is probably not the best idea, and had to rip out yet again. The picture above is of my most recent attempt, and I'm on round 27 right now. Here's hoping I don't screw up any more!

The wonderful Stephanie loaned me the 16" circular I'm currently using, which is a heck of a lot better than trying to squeeze over 16" of pattern onto dpns and having to watch and make sure stitches don't drop off the ends while also trying not to mess up the pattern. Hopefully this will contribute to a lack of messing up on future rounds.

Onward and upward to a scorching weekend (forecast is 92°F for Sunday! whew!) of working and knitting in the AC'ed upstairs!

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