Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ho Meets Harlot, and other tales of Rhinebeck

This was definitely the coolest thing about Rhinebeck today:

The Yarn Harlot and I, "making a statement with our shirts", as she put it. I'm not sure what statement she's making, but I think mine screams that I'm a big, geeky knitter and proud of it! Knitting and geekery, in my opinion, go very well together. (Said the woman who knits by the light of her monitor while RPing at 3am.)

This is today's loot:

Just shy of 2,000 yards total of lace weight of various compositions. The blue is kid mohair, red/yellow/orange is merino, grey is superfine alpaca. Basically, I showed little restraint until I came to the end of my limited budget.

Overall, a fun day. I'm incredibly exhausted now, and will probably sleep like a brick for about 12 hours. And next year I want to go both days?



David said...

DEFINITELY go both days next year. It's worth it.

Besides, you can play RPGs anytime. Rhinebeck is only once a year.

Jenn said...

Looks like you had fun! I managed to get a signed book, but the Harlot was pretty beat by the time I got there.

Al said...

*sniffles* Next year I AM going. Darn work. Well at least you had a spiffy time.