Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is someone going to pay me to do this?

Zarking fardwarks, I love Ravelry. Love it. To death. (Here I am, in case you're a Raveler and want to look at the silliness that is my profile.)

I have seriously been on the site almost nonstop for two days. It's open in the background when I'm working on my computer, it's up at night when I'm chatting with people, and, of course, it's open when I'm knitting.

I love being able to poke around and see who's knitting what I want to knit. I love being able to post my stash and look at other people's. I love being able to friend total strangers who share an interest in some of the same patterns I do.

And I thought Facebook was addictive. Ravelry is like the Facebook of fiber arts. It's what deviantArt would be if it was only for knitters and crocheters. It's like...it's like the little social hotspot that your community has always needed and that has only just now opened and everyone is flocking to it.

Love. Love, love, love.

The Beatles said it's all you need. I'm inclined to agree, but I do have an addendum: yarn.

All you need is love and yarn. Yeah.

Mood: obsessed
Music: The Velvet Underground - There She Goes Again

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