Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TV, Knitting, and Moving Backwards

The second Pomatomus sock is coming along nicely:

Unfortunately, the picture suffered from me trying to take knitterly photos after having had a can of Monster with breakfast. (I also had one last night, but what's the season 4 House premiere without a little caffeine?)

There is also this on the needles now:

Cherie Amour, from the latest Knitty. Not a bad pattern; very pretty, simple lace pattern with a ribbed waist.

My problem? It has a chart. For some reason, this was not a problem with the complexity of the Pomatomus, but the easy lace on this has kicked my butt somewhere around ten times. First time, I got to the neckline before realizing that I had done every single decrease backwards. That's right, I ssk'd where I should have k2tog'd every time. That was a bit of a setback, especially since I had grand visions of finishing the thing in three or four days. But, after a lot of frustrating cast-ons, accidental twisting of the round, and various other pain-in-the-butt problems, I decided to knit one round at the beginning instead of starting with the lacework as the pattern instructed.

And what do you know? Something so easy, so ridiculously simple that I should have thought of it the first time...worked. It's been zipping along ever since. I have to say, though, that I am glad to be back to my good KnitPicks needles, which I neglected to take with me when I went home this past weekend. The ones I was settling for just weren't cutting it.

Speaking of KnitPicks needles, someone in knitting group was in possession of a set of the Harmony ones. I have to tell you, they are beautiful. I want a set even though I already have an Options set. The look, the feel...oh boy. It creates knitterly envy, let me tell you.

And I'm blogging when I should be working, so off I go to do something productive! Well, financially productive, anyway.

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