Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pomatomus #1

The first Pomatomus sock, finished at around 1:15am:

Do not, I repeat do not attempt to knit these socks if you are in any way easily addicted to things. I mean it. I started this sock on Sunday and (barring a mis-guided sizing issue that required ripping out and re-starting), have been moving along ever since. This is a patterned sock record for me.

If you do knit them, splurge and get some hand-painted yarn. It's lovely to work with and to look at.

And the pattern? Is not hard at all. The worst problem I've had with it is losing a YO here and there, which is easily fixed. It only looks intimidating. In reality, it's hard to stop going with the 22-row lace repeat once you've started.

In conclusion, these are lovely and novel socks, and they have eaten what little life I've had over the past few days that Facebook didn't get to first.

Oh yes, and don't join Facebook unless you never want to sign out of it again.

Mood: accomplished
Music: Michael Nesmith - Tumbling Tumbleweeds

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